How to Prepare for Breast Enlargement Surgery

Prior to your breast enlargement surgery, you should be able to prepare days and even weeks before the actual surgery day. How should you prepare for such event in your life? First of all, you should be prepared mentally. Ask yourself if you have made the right decision to go under the knife and make it final.

Look for experts in cosmetic surgery implants Manchester has and learn more about the best brand of breast implants. You should be able to personally talk to your surgeon and do not hesitate to ask questions. Two weeks prior to your surgery, confirm your appointment with your doctor and take note of the surgeon's instructions for preparation. Most of the time, you are advised to stop taking products that contain aspirin. You may also be asked to stop herbal medications and supplemental vitamin E, but you may be advised to take multivitamins with vitamin C to promote healing after surgery.

About two days before your surgery, you can buy the medications that were prescribed by your surgeon. You may need to buy stool softeners. These are important because the medications you take for surgery may cause constipation. As for the food you can eat, prepare light foods like tea, soup, crackers, bagel, jellies, toast and juices. In case you develop illness or simple colds days before your surgery, notify your surgeon immediately and wait for further instructions.

On the night before your breast implants manchester it is recommended for you to eat light and avoid food that are too heavy and gassy. Avoid eating or drinking anything after 12 midnight. Get enough sleep and rest and prepare your body for the next day. If the doctor has suggested for you to shower with an antiseptic, then it would be best to do so.

During the day of the surgery, do not eat or drink anything, unless the doctor says you can. Shower with an antiseptic, as recommended by your surgeon. Do not wear makeup or deodorant after you wash. By this time, leave your jewelry, wigs, hairpins and other hair pieces. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable so it will be easy for you to change. Make sure there will be somebody who can drive you to the clinic and someone to drive you home after the surgery. You should be able to ask a family member or a friend to stay with you for 24 hours after the surgery. With these, you will be ready for the big day!